Things I Wish People Would Have Told Me About Having Faux Locs

faux locs

You become waay more interesting than you were before. But not interesting as in like, “you-go-scuba-diving” interesting…interesting in that exoticized “you-wear-locs-so-you-must-be-eclectic” type of interesting. The type of interesting that makes you feel like you’re in a zoo.

These require a great deal of maintenance (especially if you installed them yourself). So it’s either because I did them myself or because this just happens with faux locs but they have the tendency to unravel a lot and so you must re-wrap, re-seal etc.

lighter Use one of these flicker lighters with the long handle instead of a 69 cent beauty supply lighter. You will save time, energy, and thumb soreness.

Drench your scalp in oil before and after. This is a given, but for whatever reason, this style takes a lot of moisture away from your scalp and makes it drier than usual. I have done a bad job with this so far because there are so many of them atop my head but your scalp and hair will thank you later.

If you are going to use kanekelon hair, understand that it might not last as long as if you were to use marley hair. Even if you buy a more “yaki” or coarse grade of kanekelon hair, it has the tendency to fuzz up very quickly and to unravel. I have used both marley hair and kanekelon hair for my faux locs on two different occasions and I will say that if you want your faux locs to last longer you should use marley hair. I understand that kanekelon hair is much cheaper and so if you must have this style and absolutely do not have the money, be prepared to do a lot of re-wrapping and burning.

DO NOT both burn AND dip your ends in hot water, it will be detrimental I assure you. There are a few YouTube tutorials in which people demonstrate how to do faux locs without burning the ends. I can say that I have tried to do them without burning the ends and they lasted for a few days but I ultimately ended up burning them. After two weeks at the most they should no longer stick together if you do decide to burn them. Dipping your ends in hot water after you’ve burned them is a no-no because it causes the ends to look ratty. I literally dipped the ends of my hair in boiling water and watched the hair boil inside of the pot and it did NOT help with further sealing the ends. A vlogger in the video attached did the no-burn method.

Moisturizing the marley hair that you wrap with is not necessary but I think it adds a bit of initial shine.

Real loc-wearers may give you side-eyes and dirty looks while others might be delightfully surprised by the fact that your hair isn’t actually loced/locked but looks like it is.

These mugs are HEAVY! Like heavier than marley twists, heavier than box braids, but your neck and body will soon adjust.

Hipster white people might strike up conversation. Do with this what you will.

Buy a bunch of those elastic headbands (the ones that are supposed to fit around your whole head) they will be perfect for ponytail holders. You will need something strong and big because putting this hair in a bun is a task.

People might want to touch it, again, do with this what you will.

You will have muscle pain in your traps and delts….this is normal.

You may or may not go three days without showering because you are too determined to finish. If this is the case, please stay inside. It is a courtesy to both you and the people who may have the unfortunate displeasure of smelling you. Febreze can only do so much.

I feel like my hair is more unacceptable in the workplace than it was before in its natural state. I expect to hear comments or remarks about looking “unprofessional.” I am unsure if this will actually happen, but still the uneasiness is there.

You will constantly have to remind yourself that they aren’t real, because you might end up wanting them to be.

There might be assumptions made about your political stance, your level of black consciousness, and your supposed connection to other people who have (real) locs.

Your locs might get stuck to people’s necklaces, velcro on your jacket, wool jackets, and anything with lace. So embrace the stickage, or stay away from those fabrics.

You will look in the mirror and be like……

jena claude

19 thoughts on “Things I Wish People Would Have Told Me About Having Faux Locs

  1. The ends of my marley faux locs are burnt. I don’t usually get the edges burned but for faux locs I guess it’s necessary. The problem is that they are collecting lint. Like whole tufts of yarn from my jacket or my sweaters areally getting tangled in the hair, especially the ends. Is this normal? Do you have any advice on how to prevent this or how to get them out? I’ve been just pulling them out, ripping out some of the marley hair in the process… I’d tether not do that

    1. Mmmm. I would say that that is normal! I encountered the same issues and I decided to pull out some of the lint manually but I was careful when I did it. I also tried to wear my hair up on days that I knew I was wearing a really lint-catching sweater! Taking out the lint wasn’t too bothersome for be because I would just recoil the ends of the hair at the bottom. Because of the nature of the hair (especially with your locs having been burned at the ends) I don’t know if refraining from getting any lint is fully escapable.

      Hopefully this answer helped..If not I apologize and hope you find a solution!

  2. To the writer: you are so so funny!!!!!!! I love your writing . thank you. I just installed my locs today and I’m showerless. I used the Kanekalon hair. Ugh thank God for the Holy Spirit (the helper) BC I was so thinking about giving up but I didn’t! My roommate came along and helped me with the random big locs that got out of hand. I want this hair style to last at least 30 days. I would try this style again but next time uasing the Marley hair BC the marely hair is much more convenient bc of its kind of sectioned off- that is the bonus in relation to paying about 2$ extra for each pack of Marely hair. Thank you I’m going to take a shower now. 👍

    1. Haaha thanks for reading! Yes, the kanekalon hair can be an absolute fuss but I’m glad you’ve decided to try an alternative method! I trust that they will turn out well. Happy stylin’ and profilin’ 😁

  3. Hey awsome review.. Im really looking forward to doing locs again but this time ill try not to burn it because little pieces of the burnt ends can also get stuck to your skin and its really annoying… Lol 😂 one question tho did your ends unravel after a while ? If yes after how much days?

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for reading! And ouch, sorry about them sticking to your skin..that sounds painful. When I used the kanekalon hair I found myself rewrapping at least one faux loc a day. It was so annoying. With the marley hair though I honestly would only have to re-wrap every few weeks or so. I’d had them in for a long time – about 3 months. I’d learned it was all in the technique – if I’d rushed on some or didn’t wrap around until the very last morsel of hair was left I would have to do the ends over. Hope this helps!

  4. I went to get my faux locs done by African braiders, Its really tight and the locs themselves are extremely stiff. I don’t plan on styling them for a couple days because it hurts to move them. any suggestions to help loosen stiff locs?

    1. Hi Jasmine! Hmm so there’s a few things you could do. You could run them under water (like in the shower), the steam might loosen them up! You could also grease your scalp/add oil. I know for sure that they will loosen up after time but until then oil/grease/spray water bottle.

  5. Absolutely loved reading your review! I just finished installing my locs with Marley hair… And I started on them bout a week ago (in my Bobby shmurda voice) lol.. No but seriously it’s been like over a week. I live such a busy lifestyle and doing them all in one sitting was just not possible. I love them now that they’re in. They just itch ridiculously! Have you attempted to curl yours up at all?

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it. Congrats on finishing! I know the struggle. I was not working at the time and had a few days before my senior year of college began so I just sat down and got to work. But your diligence is inspiring because had I not had that time I probably would’ve just said forget it! Ugh the itching drove me insane! I ended up washing them so many times with tea tree shampoo to calm down my scalp because it was turnin upppppp lol. I actually never did try to curl mine because I was lazy but if I end up installing them again I would definitely be open to it. They look so pretty all curled up!

  6. I just got mines done a day ago they are very stuff and sticking together as they were burnt what do you suggest some to do about the stiffness and most importantly them sticking together

    1. Hi Diamond! Thanks for writing in, I’m sorry I’m getting to this so late. Unfortunately, in my experience with faux locs (ones specifically done with marley hair) the only thing that will alleviate both the stiffness and the sticking-together is time. You can attempt to wash them which might loosen them up a bit but I’m not sure if that would rustle up your roots and make them look older than they are. I’ve actually found yarn locs to be a cool alternative because they loosen up quicker and I didn’t have the sticking issue. Let me know what you ended up doing!

  7. Hi , I am going away on vaca for 2 weeks to the Caribbean and I wanted to know if you think i should braid back my hair or so faux locs? i would image the faux to be heavy when coming out the water.

    1. I am unacceptably late with replying to this and I am so sorry. I do not check my wordpress account as often as I should. I’m sure you’d already made your decision, but yes, I would have still suggested faux locs. Going in the water does make them heavier, but once they dry – similar to wetting any protective style (braids, twists) they are back to their normal feeling of weight.

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